Jio Fiber Plans Registration

Jio Fiber Plans

Jio Fiber Plan is Fiber Optic based Jio Broadband Plan which provides high-speed internet connection with affordable price. If you are looking for details about Jio Fiber Plans as well as How to get this Plan then you are the right place. By scrolling page, you can get all details about Reliance Jio Fiber Plan.

Jio Fiber Plan:

As we all know that Reliance always give us very good plans for Jio customers and this time also it introduces the new thing “Jio Fiber Plans”. Reliance Fiber Plan also is known as Reliance Jio Giga Fiber which provides good broadband connection speed up to 1 GBPS. The Jio Fiber Plan helps those who have their own business, office as well who is an entrepreneur. The main thing is that it will give the internet at the cheapest cost with high speed. The Fiber Plan will be launched after April 2018. The first benefits of this will be available in some big cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Vadodara, NCR, Surat, and Jamshedpur.

Jio Fiber Plans
Jio Fiber Plans

How to buy Reliance Jio Fiber Plan or Jio Giga Fiber Router Online???

  • You can buy Giga Fiber router from the official site of jio.
  • You can also buy Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Router online from Amazon, Flipkart, eBay or Sanpdeal. By visiting this shopping site and search for Giga Fiber Router then you will all the details about the router.

Installation Charges for Jio Fiber Router:

Reliance provides the facility to use the router directly at your home. So, one extra device is needed for the convert the optical fiber signal to Ethernet so that you can use it in other devices like a switch, router or Personal Computer.

Types of Reliance Jio Broadband Fiber Plan:

The Reliance Jio Fiber Plan divided into three categories which are given as below:

  • Volume-based Jio Fiber Plans: This plan depends on the volume limit. In this plan, you can get 5 GB to 60 GB data per day with no bandwidth limit. So, you can use full gigabytes internet connection.
Data Usage (per day) Price Speed
5 GB data 1000 INR  



10 GB data 2000 INR
20 GB data 3000 INR
40 GB data 4000 INR
60 GB Data 5000 INR


  • Speed Based plan: In this plan, you can a high volume of data with limited speed. This option is best for home and institute.
Speed in Mbps Price Data limit
50 1500 INR 2000 GB
100 2000 INR 1000 GB
200 3500 INR 750 GB
400 4000 INR 500 GB
600 5500 INR 300 GB


  • Special Jio Fiber Plans: This plan is for the home user who has a small requirement. In this plan, you can get limited Speed with limited Volume of data at low cost.
Special Plan Speed (in Mbps) Data limit
500 INR 15 600 GB
1000 INR 25 500 GB
500 Rs. None 3.5 GB/per day
500 INR 60 None
800 INR None Unlimited
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Types of Jio Giga Fiber Router:

The Reliance Jio Giga Fiber divided into three different types which are given as below.

  • Jio Giga Fiber Special Broadband Plans: By using this plan you will get the special broadband plan with limited speed and data at a low cost. This plan is especially needed for a small requirement.
Special Plan Validity Speed in Mbps Data in Usage
500 INR 30 days 15 600 GB
1000 INR 25 500 GB
500 Rs None 3.5 GB/per day
500 INR 60 None
800 INR None Unlimited
  • Jio Giga Fiber Speed based plan: This plan gives you high volume data with low restrictions. This plan is very good for institutes and homes.
Speed in Mbps Validity Data limit in GB Price
50 30 days 2000 GB 1500 INR
100 1000 GB 2000 INR
200 750 GB 3500 INR
400 500 GB 4000 INR
600 300 GB 5500 INR


  • Jio Giga Fiber Volume Based Jio Fiber Plans: IN Jio Fiber Volume Plan you will get the access 5 GB to 60 GB data per day with high speed. This plan is best for small offices.
Data Usage Price in Rupees Validity Speed
5 GB 1000 30 days Unlimited
10 GB 2000
20 GB 3000
40 GB 4000
60 GB 5000
Jio Fiber Plans
Jio Fiber Plans

How to Register for Jio Fiber Plans???

  • For registration, first of all, visit the official site Reliance Jio or go to this link
  • After that search the link for Jio Fiber router and click on that.
  • Now fill up all necessary details.
  • Then do payment of 4500/- Rs for security purpose.
  • You can pay your money online or offline.
  • Finally, your Jio Fiber router will be available at your home after 2 to 3 days.

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