JioFi.Local.HTML: Know Everything About JioFi

JioFi Local HTML Login Portal

JioFi.Local.Html or JioFi local html is the login address of JioFi Routers. By utilizing this you can log in to your JioFi 2/3 wireless router admin dashboard. In this article, you will know how to login to JioFi MiFi router at Jiofi.local.html; you will discover the username and password for jiofi.local.html.

Read this article warily to know everything you require to learn regarding jiofi local html or  jiofi.local.html. This page involves each information that you will ever require about JioFi Login.

JioFi Local HTML
JioFi Local html

What can be done with JioFi.Local.Html?

Orderly ingress your router admin page fill up in jiofi.local.html or in your browser’s address bar. When you ingress your router admin panel you can change many alternatives about: Password, WiFi Network name, IP QoS, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, network management, security alternatives, WLAN settings, PPPoE, MAC, WPS, DSL, and DHCP client.

Still, the company has launched two Jio portable hotspot devices. After the introduction of these devices, WiFi at home has arrived to a next level. With JioFi you can not only ingress high-speed 4G WiFi at your home but anywhere you go.

Directing and Setting Up your JioFi Router

After acquirng JioFi device, you might have been little muddled regarding setting up the device for the first utilize. Thus, in this article, we’ll cover JioFi portable hotspot management, troubleshooting, how to change Jiofi password and setting it up.

What is jioFi.Local.html?

Every router approaches with an IP address to ingress the administrator dashboard which is utilized to control and layout the hotspot device. The most usual router login IP is A login box shows as soon as you register this IP address or URL on the browser of the device which is joined to that typical WiFi device.

After well registering and logging into the dashboard of the WiFi device you receive several alternatives to control and layout your router. Which involves controlling your SSID, WiFI passwords, monitoring and managing devices linked to the hotspot, etc.

How You Can Use JioFi.Local.Html / Steps to Configure JioFi Device?

  1. Start up your browser and register http://jiofi.local.html/ in the address bar.
  2. Whether you are utilizing a JioFi Dongle Kindly Register http://jiodongle.local.html/
  3. Press on the login button and utilize “administrator” as both username and password.
  4. Then, steer to Setting>WiFi to adjust the SSID of the WiFI.
  5. Now, open Settings>WiFi>Password to adjust the default password.
  6. At last, open Settings>User Management to adjust the username of your device.
  7. Whether you wish to login to JIO SSO then verify Jio SSO Login.

Note: Whether you can’t login to your router even after following this method, you may require to revise your jiofi MiFi router or you may require to renew the firmware of it.

Tethering JioFi Hotspot Device To PC

Besides ingressing the internet through WiFi signal revealed by JIO MiFi you can also utilize it to tether the internet to your PC utilizing MicroSD slot. As long as there is only one microSD slot present in the JIO MIFI device; you can only link it to one PC at a time.


When the JIO MiFi device is touched to a PC utilizing microSD cable, it will impose your device as well as tether the PC for the internet connectivity at the same time. Moreover, you can utilize WiFi along with the USB tethering together.

Accessing MicroSD Card Slot Using JioFi Device

  1. At first, you should put a microSD card in the Device.
  2. Then, you require to allow the storage account and set the username and password.
  3. Now you can ingress the files stored in the SD card utilizing any device linked to the Hotspot using WiFi.
  4. For ingressing your data on the SD card, just enter http://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html in your browser.
  5. Press on WiFI disk button and register the username and password in the next display.
  6. Now you can ingress the files stored on the SD card; you can even upload/download/delete the files on the SD card.

Reliance Jio 4G MiFi Device Specifications

1. 512MB/2GB RAM
2. Dimensions 85.0*55.0*16.0mm
3. 4G HD Calls Support using Jio Voice on your phone
4. 2300 Mah Battery Capacity
5. FDD: LTE (2300/1800/850MHz)
6. Full sized sim slot, MicroSD slot with up to 32 GB support, and USB connectivity
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz Connectivity
7. Supports 31 parallel Devices connectivity with 1 USB tethering
8. Get 4G high-speed internet access on 3G and 2G devices too

JioFi Default Username: administrator
JioFi Default Password: administrator

Note: All letters should be in small caps, Administrator won’t work.

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Final Verdict

JioFi MiFi portable hotspot device or Jiofi.local.html is a best alternative to select when you don’t own a 4G device or wish high-speed internet ingress on multiple devices on the go. If you have still some doubts while compose or setting up your device then, let us know them in the comments section. So visit our website know more information about JioFi local html login username & password like how to change JioFi password, JioFi plans, how to login, router login details and more!!!!!!!!